Sunday, May 1, 2011

Letter of the week - C

I can't get over how far she's come in just 3 weeks. Ducky amazes me on a daily basis. She's super smart but extremely hyper. We're working on her behavior and listening skills daily in addition to her school work. This week's letter C theme was lots of fun. Here are some highlights from our week:

She loved reading this book with her daddy. She loves cars.

Ducky attempted to lace a letter C.

I had her matching cows with the car of the same color. We talked about colors and counting.

Handwriting time. I was impressed with her, with it being a new activity and all.

As always, Dot painting was a hit! She was yelling "there it is!" everytime she found a letter C.

She learned 3 new ASL words this week: