Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Letter of the week - B

The letter of the week was B. Here are some of the highlights from our week:

Monday we did general letter B things. Then Tuesday - Thursday we did theme days ( Bear, Ball, Bumblebee) with a wrap up on Friday.

(Super cute book!!)

We also read Bee & Me

One of our crafts was to make a bumble bee.... here is it almost finished. Just needs the antenna!

I cut B's and things that start with B out of magazines and had her glue them onto a B template. I put the glue around the B and she stuck the item on. She had fun talking about what was in the picture and saying the words like "B .. B... Banana."

Ducky learned 3 new ASL words this week.

Her favorite part of the whole week was dot painting. She LOVES her dot painting. I guess next week we will have to do a lot more of it.

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