Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Letter of the week - A

Our first week of Tot School was a complete success. We started with the letter A! Ducky learned all week about the different words that start with the letter A.

Here are some highlights from our week:

On day one she learned A is for Apple.
She colored pictures of apples
She learned the ASL sign for Apple
Her snack was apple slices with peanut-butter
We read the book 10 Apples Up On Top

Day two she learned that A is for airplane

Ducky practiced counting her airplanes and working on her colors as well.
She had a blast zooming around the house with her arms out pretending to be an airplane!
She learned the ASL sign for airplane
Her coloring pages were all themed around airplanes.

Ducky also leaned this week that A is for Alligator

She made an alligator out of the letter A
She learned the ASL sign for Alligator
She colored an alligator

We also read Alligator Baby

I am extremely proud of my little ducky.
What an "A"mazing start of our homeschool journey.
Now onto letter B...

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