Sunday, February 12, 2012

Letter of the Week - Letter K

We spent the week focusing on the letter K. All in all it was a great week. We had a lot of fun. Ducky amazes me. She is such a sponge. She really is a blessing to teach. We have our moments where her behavior makes it tough to accomplish things but with a little training, she gets right back on track.

Coloring her book, all about the letter K

Key sizes, smallest to biggest

Shadow matching 

Key Shapes

Here Ducky is working on her numbers. 

Dot painting. This is Ducky's favorite activity and she would do this for hours if I'd let her. 

Coloring her keys orange.

Doing the ASL sign for the color orange. 

Monkey man decided to join us for story time. 

Lacing time. I picked up these baby friendly lacing beads for Monkey Man to use while his sister uses hers. He can't lace them yet but he sure enjoys using them as a chew toy. 

Bead lacing

Monkey man watching me during calendar time. 

We began doing daily calendar time this week.  Each day we sing the days of the week song and add the number that goes along with the current date. We then count. Here we counted to 8 because the date was Wednesday, Febrary 8th. Next we check the weather and sing the weather song. Starting next week we will be adding a daily schedule onto our calendar time. Ducky responded GREAT to this activity. 

Here is one of Ducky playing with our newest homeschool tool, our iPad!!
There are so many awesome educational apps our there. For now we are starting Ducky out with the free apps and once she gets use to using the iPad, then we will provide her with some better apps. There is one called "The ABC's of God" that I am really looking forward to purchasing. I am also waiting for my new case to arrive. I am getting one that is  hyper toddler friendly.

Our sign language words of the week were:

Below are the links to all of the printables that we used this past week. Thank you to everyone whose printables I used: K) (Letter K
Printable Letter K Book

Next week our theme will be Valentines Day / Love
Our new Bible lesson will be on creation ( more info to follow next week )

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