Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Week 2

We had a great week. The kids really enjoyed having a theme. I wasn't able to get as many pictures, because Ladybug was cutting a tooth and needed more attention than normal.

Ok, here are just some highlights from week 2.

Letter Focus: B
Number Focus: 2
Bible Focus: Noah's Ark & The Tower of Babel
Theme: The Ocean

Noah's Ark lacing 

This was his first time lacing. You can see the proud look on his face.

Ladybug laughing at the kids doing their work. 

Here are the ocean themed books that we read this week.

They glued blue squares onto their letters. 

Sink or Float Game 


Ducky got creative and went fishing for some of the items

Monkey joined in. 

File folder game (Crayon color matching)

I put up some gel window clings to go along with our theme. 

Our ocean themed sensory table

Introduction to water beads. I had them guess what was going to happen to the beads. 

Observing the beads after 5 minutes

2 hours later

I was not able to get any pictures of the kids playing with the water beads. They were a huge hit and the kids have been begging me to play with them ever since. I am not going to lie, Mom and Day had fun playing with these right alongside the kids. 

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