Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Keep calm

We officially started our new homeschool year yesterday. I had this wonderful plan all mapped out. Nothing went as planned. The day started off bad with Ducky yelling that Monkey Man pooped and took his diaper off. Great. Good morning to you too. I apparently over slept and didn't make it to the gym which meant that we were 1.5 hours behind schedule. The chaos didn't stop there. Monkey Man asked to help scramble the eggs and when I tried to help him adjust his hand to better grasp the fork he threw the tantrum of all tantrums. 40 minutes long. Ducky was quite upset with me because I took the iPad away while she was in the middle of something. Sorry, kiddo, I said 30 minutes! Ladybug was crying the entire time. She is teething and nothing I was doing was helping to soothe her. I was losing control of things really fast. How was I going to school them when all I felt like doing was crawling back in bed and crying myself to sleep. I decided to take a step back and sit down to talk to the children about their behavior. We talked about how God wants us to act and how things could have been handled differently by everyone, Mom included.  After a long nap we finally completed our work. Nothing went as planned and yet, it was ok. There will be many days ahead that don't go as planned. I have to remember that  discipleship is far more important then reading, writing and arithmetic. 

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